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Family arriving in Scotland

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The Zapp family

Richard's welding work

Family visit Shambles in York
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CCHMSC help World Travellers on their trip

Call and email arrived on the evening Sunday 3rd September from Herman Zapp.

We are a family traveling in a 1928 Graham Paige car. We have 17 years on the road.
We will love to meet you as we are in town. We also need to replace a flat window glassfrom the car and do a welding. Maybe you can tell me where you recomend me to go or maybe a member of the club. All our love and thanks.

Well that's a challenge for a Sunday night!

On the phone, throw out a few calls, emails etc !  By Monday morning with the help of committee member Tom Niven, and member Andy Thomlinson (he of Monte Historique  Amazon 'Anhanga' read that story) on the case. Andy tracked down Richard Dover (he of Alldays and Onions) seen recently on the Three Lochs Classic read that story.

Richard took charge of the challenge. Having  a 1912 car must have made the American built  1928 Graham Paige seem modern!

is laminated glass, but not quite off the shelf from your usual windscreen specialist. Richard soon sourced a new piece made specially.
The glassmaker did it for free because they were so impressed with Hermann. 

Richard reported that the wheel rims were ripped to shreds. He spent 4 hours of shaping, cutting, welding and grinding to get them back in use, looking as good as .... well, as good as you'd expect 90 year old rims to be.

You can look at some of the Zapp family travels on YouTube video   where you will see some clips where those wooden spokes on metal rims have caused problems before.

If you had driven across 100 countries in a 1928 car in 17 years, your rims would likely be expiring too.

Herman and his wife started in 2000 from home in Patagonia Argentina, with the aim of reaching Alaska. Just kept going, adding four children on the way to make the Zapp family you see today. 

We wish the family well on their next stage of this epic journey. They hope to be back home sometime next year. As they say in Spanish

Buen viaje

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Published 5 September 2017