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Nairn Brown's Sunbeam Alpine


Well done. You're curious to know more if you've ended up here......

You need no modifications to your car to compete, the prime requirement is an MOT. Once you have passed this hurdle then it is simply a question of making sure that your battery, seats and tools are well tied down and that you have a red warning triangle. Many of the cars entering the events are absolutely standard cars and at most events you will see a smattering of fairly standard concours cars of the fifties, sixties and seventies. Whilst the more competitive cars tend to be Ford Escorts and Minis the highest placed standard car on several events in 2004 was an MG Midget. Whilst the newcomer might think that a nice powerful engine is a guarantee of success the real key to a good placing is some good teamwork between a neat and tidy driver, a well organised and confident navigator and most importantly a reliable car.

There is a fairly even mix of sports and saloon cars and it is not unusual to see the odd Land-Rover competing and a number of regular crews use cars they have built as replicas of the works rally cars of the sixties. However many people use very standard cars which they regularly use as their everyday transport. Visit any of the events and you will see a nice mix of Triumph Heralds, MG Midgets, Triumph Spitfires, Saab 96’s, Hillman Imps and even the occasional Frogeye Sprite, Bond Equipe and Wolseley 1500.

The navigation on most events is fairly straightforward and is no harder that the average cricket club treasure hunt. From an organizers perspective the key to a successful event is to get all of the entrants round the correct route on time ! On some events there is the option of some trickier navigation for those that want it but for those who don’t fancy the complexities of juggling with stopwatches, ordnance survey maps and MENSA type clues fear not there is always an easier alternative. If you have always fancied tackling an event like Le Jog come and try one of our events first and you will learn all about driving tests, time controls, regularities and navigation in a friendly environment where there are plenty of people on hand to answer any questions.


Updated 24 August 2006