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CCHMSC Board Members - 2021

At the March 2019 AGM a new Constitution was agreed by the membership at the meeting. This now updates the 'Committee' to a Management Board'. The following table lists all the Board Directors & their roles. 

Covid -19 and Lockdown meant no AGM in 2020. Currently with further lockdown in place the AGM has been delayed from the normal March date. Meantime the board  remains as was in 2019. 

Chairperson Jim Paterson
Secretary Roger Fry
Treasurer Ralph Forbes
Membership Secretary Jim Paterson
Website & eNewsletter Editor Jim Paterson
SACC Representative Jim Paterson
Safeguarding Officer Ron Adam
Covid-19 OfficerJohn Stuart
MemberDavid Spence
MemberTom Niven
MemberRoddie Main
MemberGeorge Shand
MemberRon Adam
MemberJohn Stuart
MemberDouglas Anderson

Constitution Available to download here

Jim Paterson – (Board Member, Chairperson, Webmaster and eNewsletter Editor) 
Continuing the position after taking on the role in 2011, Jim hopes to continue the clubs vision  of providing interesting and exciting events for the Classic Car owner and enthusiast. Jim continues as website designer and publisher, keeping you up to date with what is happening. The club e-newsletter, continues to be delivered to some 800 email addresses.  Club membership secretary, and when not busy doing all this Jim can be found working on his sons Austin Healey Sprite, or using it on events. Likes taking the Classic on foreign tours, and dreaming up new routes. 

Dave Spence – (Board Member). Re-elected to the committee after organising and helping with many events in 2011. Dave has spent many years organising events and competing with the Highland Car Club. In the past year he has brought a wealth of new ideas to the club.  Dave is working with Jim to develop the Trans Italia 2013. By profession Dave was a roads engineer until he retired recently to devote himself full time to organising rallies.  The new classic Capri that Dave has been working on is hopefully to see the light of day this year following much restoration and improvement work 

Roddie Main –
(Board Member). Another Inverness man, and Highland Car Club member and organiser.  Roddie is often seen crewing with Dave Spence on local and european tours. A great man to have around if odd noises start appearing from your classic as his mechanical skills usuaully find the problem quickly.  Roddie joins the committee this year and I'm sure he will bring his organisational skills to identify great routes for classic tours.

Tom Niven – (Board Member).  Tom has been a club member for many years and enters many of the events throughout the year, often in his MGB. Tom brings a wealth of business and local knowledge to the committee. His long motorsporting past should be of great help in organising entertaining and exciting events. 

George Shand – (Board Member).  George joined the committee at the 2016  AGM and has long been interested in classic motoring, having taken part in many CCHMSC and other club events. George brings experience of organising events, which he did as a member in 2015 for the club. He is also a dab hand at restoring and fettling the older cars that we all enjoy.

Ralph Forbes – (Board Member & Treasurer).  Ralph also joined the committee at the 2013  AGM, but has been involved with the committee during the monte 2013 organisation. With a wealth of competition behind him, having done more Monte Historiques than some of us have had hot dinners, Ralph knows a good rally car when he see's one, and how to prepare them for tough rallies. Small cars seem to be his favourite for dashing up snow covered alps, with Fiat and Lancia being a particular favourite.  Tapping into this knowledge can only help the club when it comes to organising something a bit more ambitious.  

Roger Fry – (Board Member & Secretary). Roger brings his accountancy skills to the role of treasurer . He is also a keen classic car enthusiast and assists with the running of club events. Roger hopes to ring out his classic on one of our events in the summer.

Ron Adam – (Board Member).  Ron has been a member of the club for many years, and is a keen classic car enthusiast, entering and organising many of your club events. We have seen Ron in a number of classic's including an MGB/GT that he rebuilt and used both here and on trips to the continent. Currently sporting a frisky BMW Z3, he can be seen crossing the highways and byways across Scotland on club events. Ron brings his experience to the committee to help with oranisation and new ideas for club events. 

John Stuart - (Board Member). John has a long history in rallying, with stage events being his favourite type."If your not going flat out, your not trying hard enough" is one of his favourite calls. As well as the Scottish, and many events across the UK, john has more recently taken to th eroads of Spain for the Rally Costa Brava. Initially in his Austin A40, h emoved up to an Autobianchi, though the A40 always got a smile if only that you never see one rallying in Spain. John brings a lot of good ideas to the committee from his wealth of rallying experiences.     

Douglas Anderson – (Board Member).  Long time member, having setup the club,  bringing Classic motorsport events to enthusiasts at affordable prices.

Constitution Available to download here

Updated 5 May 2021