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Backing up to the hotel

Come on guys - PUSH

Bit tight through the doors

Finally in place

All photos courtesy
Alan Duncan

Graeme Gallaoway's Anglia
Standard 10 Course Car at Blythswood Hotel - 9 January

The team that got the car into position

The 1958 Standard 10 car that will lead off the Monte Carlo Historique and Heritage Run crews by owner Jim Wilson, took its place centre stage in the Blythswood Hotel where it will be on show until the 23rd January start. Drop in for a view, or better still, see it at the pre-gala dinner on the 22nd.

Jim Wilson’s pristine 1958 Standard 10 will be Car 0 for the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and will be leading the cars o the ramp at the Start of the rallye. Since we brought the Monte back to Glasgow, each year we have had a Monte car on display in the foyer of the Blythswood Square Hotel.

Following this tradition, Jim’s car will be the one on display this year. On the outside it is a standard 1958 Standard 10, but Jim has managed to incorporate some clever modifications which have transformed this little car into one which can take on the rigours of a long distance event, like the Monte.

All the parts used in the modifications are borrowed from the Standard/Triumph range of cars. The biggest change has been to convert the steering to rack and pinion. Jim tells me that this has made a tremendous difference to the way the car drives. He no longer has to correct it every few seconds. It is now very accurate and easier to drive.

The brakes come from the Herald/Vitesse range, discs at the front and bigger drums at the rear. These should be more than adequate for the Alps. The suspension has been gone over meticulously and the skinny Standard wheels have been replaced by slightly wider wheels and fitted with snow and ice tyres. To cope with the added stresses of hundreds of hairpins, the wheel bearings have been beefed up with ones from a Dolomite. Finally a taller diff has been substituted for the standard item. Cruising can then be more restful with less stress on the drive train.

Apart from the above, everything is completely standard.

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Updated 10 January 2014