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The 'dream' cars, though some are the owners own. Can you match the car to the crew?
(clue - not too hard!!)

Graeme Gallaoway's Anglia
La Carrera Lockdown - Results

Points were awarded out of 40, being the total number of questions over the four day tour. The final total was rounded up to the nearest whole number. In true 'Olympics' standard, one of  three grades of finisher award, Gold, Silver and Bronze, were then presented to the finishers. 

Car No. Driver Navigator Car Points (out of 40)* Award*
1 Charlie Campbell Charlie Campbell Jnr. Holden Torana SL/R 5000 32 Silver
2 Ian Campbell Joanne Campbell Morris Mini Traveller 29 Bronze
3 Mike Howlett   Aston Martin DB6 29 Bronze
4 Graham Couser   BMW 328 32 Silver
5 Tim Hunt   TVR 450 SEAC 35½ Gold
6 Innes Mochrie Kirsty Mochrie MG Metro 6R4 19 Bronze
7 Alex Sneddon Hazel Dewart Marcos GT 33 Silver
8 Barry Stewart Helen Stewart Lotus 7 36 Gold
Overall Winner
9 Doug Ashworth Pat Ashworth Ferrari 246 GTS 34½ Silver
10 Roddy Main Sylvia Main MG SA 27 Bronze
11 Duncan Massie Jenny McKay AC Cobra 23½ Bronze
12 Mary Mary Speight Alan the pal Speight Triumph Spitfire 17½ Bronze
14 Charlie Donaldson Susan Donaldson Alpine Renault A110   Retired overheating
15 Hugh McGouran Catharine Jackson Iso Rivolta IR300 33½ Silver
16 Floyd Pattie Karen Pattie Triumph GT6 Mk1 25 Bronze
17 Keith Mainland Angelica Fuentes Jaguar XKSS 23 Bronze
18 Ranald Bruce Louise Wall Fiat Barchetta 34 Silver
19 Jim Paterson Rona Paterson Bugatti Atlantic SC57 28 Bronze
20 Terry Clark Stephen McPherson Audi Sport Quattro S1 29½ Bronze
21 Achille Tresoldi Giovanna Tresoldi Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce 35½ Gold
22 Roberto Giovannini Nadia Massimi Fiat Abarth 595 25 Bronze
23 Alan Newman Stuart Wilkinson Lancia Aurelia B20 32½ Silver
24 Richard Bartniczek Yvonne Bartniczek Alfa Romeo 4C Convertible 21 Bronze
25 John Stuart   Riley One Point Five 31½ Silver
26 Harry Merry   Standard Flying 9 35 Silver
27 Peter Fern   Cadillac 60 Special Brougham 34 Silver
28 Craig McGibbon Karsten Brown Lancia Fulvia Coupe 35½ Gold
29 Graeme Cargill Beth Cargill Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 32 Silver
30 Etta Tresoldi   Fiat 500F 34½ Silver
31 Martin Small Stephen Lavery Mini Cooper S 29 Bronze
32 Ormond Smith   Bentley 4.5 litre Blower 31½ Silver
33 Enrico Tresoldi Alma Tresoldi Fiat 500F 35 Silver
34 Angelo Tresoldi   Porsche 356B S90 34½ Silver
35 Ron Adam Jan Adam Ford Anglia 28 Bronze
36 Neil Turner   Citroen Light 15 33½ Silver

*For the purposes of awards the scores have been rounded up to the nearest whole number

Updated 10 May 2020