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Go West..... Tales for adventures in North America - Bill Pollock

Back in September 2018, CCHMSC member Bill Pollock, often seen on tours in his TR4 , headed of to the USA to take part in the Alcan 5000 with son Euan.  We gave Bill some extra CCHMSC stickers to promote our club way out on the west coast.

Bill reminded me that the stickers were proudly displayed, and duly noted by all the other entrants, organisers, and indeed everywhere they went.  Bill's overall plans did not quite go as planned, as his original car was to be Euan's TR3, and note the CCHMSC sticker.  

The poor old TR was scratched at the last minute so they ended up taking  the Porsche, again note CCHMSC sticker.  Really pretty tough having to take the Porsche!!   

It was fantastic fun although the car  was not exactly rally prepared, and Bill's image below shows they were not hanging about. Again, you can just make out the CCHMSC on the inside of the windscreen (Ed: Passenger side, [Remember LHD} if you get out your magnifying glass).   Here's another shot.

The Nitto Alcan 5000 adventure rally, pits man, machine & tyres across the grueling far north American terrain with amazing views and where anything can happen.  Starting in Kirkland, WA (Seattle), and ending in Alaska, this 5000+ mile adventure takes you off the main highways. A real adventure!

Bill added, "These stickers and the Saltires really were noticed, so at least, we were waving the banner for the club".

Great Days Bill. They will return. We have to stay safe until the dark skies melt away.

Watch the movie. Euan and Bill appear 49s and again 1m15s into the video.

Amazing scenery: wild wilderness - thank you for sharing Bill

Published 7 May 2020