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eNewsletter - not got yours, possible problems

If you're signed up to receive the monthly eNewsletter by email, and you are not receiving anything, then check the possible problems below. The problem is reported back to the webmaster.

ISP does not existThe mail host supplied does not exist. Sign on with a valid address, or send new email address to Jim Paterson at the address below.
Recipient no longer has an addressISP no longer has your address listed. Have you changed ISP, or no longer working for that Company? Sign Up from the website  with a valid address, or send alternative email address to Jim Paterson at 
Mailbox quota exceededYour inbox is overflowing and no new messages allowed. This will probably include messages from other senders.  Clear out old messages to make space.
Mailbox rejecting messageYour mailbox server is rejecting this email, perhaps thinking it is spam. Add to your address book. Servers for business email addresses can be particularly over zealous to reject the eNewsletter 

If your email address rejects the eNewsletter on more than 2 occasions, i.e. 2 monthly newsletters then that address will be removed from the distribution list.

If you have an alternative email address for delivery please send that to

Updated 15 October 2014