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Sunday 17 May

Brescia arrival

James Martin looks happy having made it back to Brescia

Ben Cussons in C Type with Alex Goy in no rush to reach final control

Approaching Monza Circuit

Dawn breaks over Parma for the last day of competition

Heading for the start line in Parma

Saturday 16 May

Jodie Kidd and David Gandy swamped by crowds as they reach finish in Parma

Arriving at Parma

Ecurie Ecosse and Martin D Types at rest in Siena

D type rests Siena behind Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa

Heading north to Siena

Queuing at the Rome restart
Many cars still behind the
D Type

Friday 15 May

Tony O' Keeffe of Jaguar, who we met on the Mini Miglia, in XK120 with JLR CEO Ralph Speth leaving Rimini
Derek Bell in C Type with Adam Lindemann

Not everything goes smoothly. A Ferrari 250TR seems not to be too well.

Beecham / Callum in Ecurie Ecosse D Type leaving Rimini 

Thursday 14 May

James Martin heading for Brescia
Who is that following?

Wednesday 13 May

The Jaguars have arrived

Jodie Kidd and David Gandy signed in

James Martin has his pass and documentation

James Martin and Nick English D Type gets 'dressed' with competition number

Graeme Gallaoway's Anglia
Over in Italy for the Mille Miglia - 14 to 17 May
Story - Jim Paterson

For the revised Jaguar team crew entries for the Mille Miglia click HERE

Monday 18 May
Morning after the big win. From L to R, Clive Beecham, Charley Boorman, James Martin, Ian Callum celebrate beside their twin long nose D Types, having done it!
Well done to all the Team Jaguar crews and support guys.

Tony O' Keeffe joins James Martin in D Type, with Jaguar XE's in background

Meanwhile David Gandy steps on the gas with Jodie Kidd heading home in XK120

Sunday 17 May

Jodie Kidd and David Gandy take top Team Jaguar prize at Brescia

Elliot Gleave crosses ramp in second place

James Martin and Charley Boorman take fourth place

While Clive Beecham and Ian Callum are right behind them in fifth
Congratulations from all of us at CCHMSC. They are home in Brescia. Both D Types, C Types and the XK's make it to the finish. As Ben Cussons in his C Type reported "Nothing beats a tunnel and a Jaguar engine on full chat! Glorious!" I guess they are all exhausted but ready to have a refreshing beer after that mamoth journey. The Mille Miglia 2015

Jaguar Heritage teams delighted to have arrived back at Brescia

Martin and Boorman D Type heads over finish ramp

Jodie Kidd hooray with David Gandy on arrival in XK120 back at Brescia

Beers in Brescia for Elliot Gleave, David Gandy and Jodie Kidd. 1000 miles well done.

The final leg from Parma to Brescia, with a visit to the F1 race track at Monza, just north of Milan. About 290Km today, 175 miles, with a hero's welcome for all the finishers I guess. Nice sunny start for the teams as they wake up in Parma.

Elliot Gleave and father Michael do some bonding as they press the loud pedal on the Monza banking in XK140

D types head on to Brescia

Hello Monza as crowds greet the cars

Both D Types safely at Monza

Kidd / Gandy XK120 depart  Parma

Gleaves (example) depart Parma

Clive Beecham and Ian Callum saving fuel in the Ecurie Ecosse D Type for the last leg as they roll downhill to the start in Parma

Porsche 550 Spyder, 1500 RS looks good in the sun at Parma

Saturday 16 May
Third and possibly the longest stage today. 15 hours drive from Rome to Parma, via Siena and Pisa.  Some 620km,  nearly 380 miles. I bet that was hard going in a D Type, especially when they start to climb into the northern hills.

Beecham / Callum and Martin / Boorman arrive in  Parma

Do James Martin and Charley Boorman look happy to have reached Parma or what !

Both D Types make it to Parma

James Martin and Charley Boorman make it over ramp at Parma

Through Siena Square. No horse racing today then!

James and Charley strapped in ready for the long drive to Parma from Rome

Heading north out of Rome

Beecham / Callum and Martin / Boorman D Types ready to depart Rome

Friday 15 May
Second stage of the event from Rimini on the east coast to Rome, around 400km (250 miles). A long drive today.

Good to see they have trip meters fitted this time

Charley Boorman and James Martin got to Ascoli Piceno early. 220k in and  well on the way to Rome

Charley Boorman has got the hang of the road book. We taught him well on the Mini Miglia in Scotland

Ian Callum and Clive Beecham in Ecurie Ecosse D Type arrive in Sangallia. Only 300Km to go to reach Rome. 

Jodie Kidd takes David Gandy for drive through San Marino in XK120 on way from Rimini to Rome

Parked up at the colloseum
Jodie Kidd and
The Jaguar team - James Martin, Elliot Gleave (otherwise known as example), Charley Boorman, and Derek Bell

Crowds come out for Rimini start.

Thursday 14 May

James Martin has been busy tweeting a few photos on the first stage from Brescia to Rimini, some 350km (220 miles). Here are a selection if you can't find him on Twitter

Cars ready for scrutineering

Crowds begin to gather. Interest in James Martin D Type

Bathing in the Italian sunshine

Jodie Kidd drives David Gandy through the paparazzi

Charley Boorman posts short video -

Wednesday 13 May

The crews and the cars have arrived in Brescia. Paperwork and signing on completed to day (Wednesday 13th). All looking forward to the big start on the 14th.

Here are a few  of the twitter pics from the crews.

The crews line up for the family album shot.

Charley realises what comes next, while James Martin and Ian Callum look quietly confident.

The crews and the cars have arrived in Brescia. Paperwork and signing on completed to day (Wednesday 13th). All looking forward to the big start on the 14th.
Kidd / Gandy XK120 getting some TLC

Beecham / Callum Ecurie Ecosse D Type being checked over

Not all Jaguar's on the event

Download the Entry List to see where they all were scheduled to start, now out of date.

We followed their progress as they headed out on the open road. It was good luck to all the Jaguar crews.  Hope they remembered what we taught them only 2 weeks ago in Scotland.

Updated 18 May 2015