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Graeme Gallaoway's Anglia
Grampian Motor Show - 11 May 2014
Report and photos by Dave Ross


A damp day at Alford for the inaugural Grampian Transport Museum car show.

The CCHMSC members did enjoy themselves even if things got off to a wobbly start.

Member Graeme Henderson was standing over his Austin Healey cursing a flat tyre. With no spare he had to opt for his Mazda  MX5. Pity, as there were plenty of other MX5s and the Healey is always a draw at these events.

Alan Gibb decided the rain in Aberdeen was too heavy to bring out his Swallow Doretti, another great crowd puller on events.  Alan did manage to get a friend to bring a Lotus Cortina Mk2 to fill the gap.

The team handed out club  flyers, which did create interest in the club's activities..

There was talk of a lot of call-offs due to the weather in Aberdeen but it was dry, if damp, all day at Alford. The Mini Owners, having been so active on e-mails prior to the event, didn't appear to have turned out!   I didn't see any Minis there at all.

As a social gathering it was a success but getting local car clubs to mix is never easy.

The organisers are talking about a bigger event next year with some active participation, best stand etc, 


Updated 13 May 2014