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A selection of photos from past events on the Rest and be Thankful

Graeme Gallaoway's Anglia
Andrew Davidson Memorial Service  - 23 January
Story - Jim Paterson

CCHMSC members joined the Davidson family and friends for the Andrew Davidson's memorial service at Arrochar church, overlooking Loch Long on Friday 23rd January.
The showers headed over the Loch, as it only can in Argyll, as we gathered in Andrew's local church to hear the Rev Ian Miller recount the life of this very special man.

Club members and classic car enthusiasts all remember Andrew as owner of the Rest and be Thankful, and his enthusiasm to bring the hillclimb back into use, reliving the heritage of past years. But there was much more to Andrew than what we saw.

His early years were spent in the RAF where he rose to the rank of Squadron Leader flying Canberra jets and latterly Phantoms. His career took him with his family to many parts of  Europe and a 3 year spell in Cyprus, flying sorties to maintain the security of airspace over the countries he was based in. Pulling 5G in a turn at 250 feet with afterburners glowing was no stranger to Andrew who was normally in the navigators seat, but could just as easily take the stick and fly as fast and low as the best of the pilots.

Leaving the RAF Andrew literally 'headed for the hills', taking up hill farming and moving to Glen Croe. His love of all things mechanical and cars in particular was highlighted when he was replacing the engine in his Landrover Defender. When it refused to fit back in he jumped up and down on the unit until it suddenly dropped right into place. Reminds me of using a bigger hammer, if all else fails!

As a birthday treat some years ago daughter Diane and her husband Stephen organised a flight in the seaplane from the River Clyde at Glasgow to Oban. Andrew soon slipped back into his aeronautical days commenting on the route to be followed. His famous quip was always to watch out for clouds with 'hard centres'!  
I will always remember his smile at the hairpin, his favourite viewpoint, usually holding a glass of champagne or the amber nectar. It delighted him to see the cars at full throttle approach the hairpin, kick out their tails and pile on the power for the final straight to the top. On one occasion in my Lotus Elise I had just taken the hairpin, floored the throttle to light up the afterburner which threw up a shower of stones as the tail weaved to and fro. I recall looking in the mirrors to see the stones head straight for Andrew's car thinking Oh no, that's a few more stone chips on his bonnet!

Andrew's favourite tipple was Bruichladdich, a bottle of which never went amiss when the club visited the 'Rest.' Some years ago my son and I laid down a cask of Bruichladdich on a trip to the distillery on Islay. With a few years to go before it matures, my plan to gift a few bottles to Andrew has been scuppered. However I'm sure Diane and Stephen will appreciate the gift and we will all drink to the memory of this great man. Until then we will have Andrew in our thoughts as we drive the 'Rest' knowing he is with us 'in spirit' of one kind or another. God bless you Andrew Davidson.        

Updated 25 January 2015